Acknowledging Purging - What A Day For A Daydream

Interesting work

There are really so many different jobs that one can have, and I think that it would be fun to be able to try a bit of everything so that one would know how it is to work with a bit of everything.
It would be fun to be able to try for a week a job and see how it is and see if that is anything that would  be fun to do for a living for example. 

To be able to try it..

It would be fin to try jobs that maybe isn't the most common jobs like for example be do medical writing for a week or so would be fun. And then maybe try som science for some time. Jobs that may be vary interesting a think.
Because its not so easy to know what to do or what to study so  be able to try a bit out before could really help i think.
If I had the chance I think that I would be able to do it, I think that would be a good thing, a way to see the work in real life and to get a chance to see whats its really about before you start to study it. Yes I think that would be a good ide and i think that a lot of young people would like it. That way you would be more prepared for the studies and the job in real life after you finish your studies.
Any how its interesting to think about  how many different jobs there are and that it is possible to be working with it, So maybe that will be a thing that starts happening in the future so that you can do it and see if you want to be a medical writer when you grow up for example.